If today's financial markets leave you feeling confused and anxious, you're not alone. They've become more volatile as the world's economies become intertwined. This interconnection means there are more investments from which to choose and more factors to consider. It's not easy to assemble the right mix of assets amidst all these considerations.

Since 2001, Pacific Horizon Investment Management has guided individuals and families using an integrated approach to financial planning. We learned our disciplined approach from over 30 years experience in personal and institutional investment management – experience and expertise that permits a big-picture understanding of the economics that affect the world’s financial markets.

Our success in developing close, trusted relationships goes far beyond finances. We believe in building enduring relationships with our clients and providing sound financial advice to enhance your life and empower your personal and business aspirations. Our goal is to focus on the issues that are most important to you to develop tailored solutions that fit your individual needs - not just for today but into the future - creating a secure foundation for generations to come.